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non tangible


"artant" is an interactive installation art piece.

install guidance: An ant colony lives within a custom terrarium with video projection playing through a 9 min loop overlaid on the sculpture.

artist statement:

I try to see the ants as human, and myself as an ant. Rethinking industrial spaces as absurd, I focus on the mundane landscapes of the everyday. The labyrinth and minotaur from Ovid’s “Metamorphosis” inspire both the narrative structure and the non-referential spaces in the film.

As the principle character endlessly moves through the space, stop-motion ants act as the narrators, mocking the character’s lack of purpose and determined position. The intensively controlled process that animates the small narrators pokes at the irony of their superiority. The ant colony gives the audience opportunity to explore tensions between human and ant life themselves.

Access to the protected full video is 20.00.

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