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david best
burning man 2016

I worked as a volunteer artist on two of David Best's Temple builds. My work centered around lighting design, electric wiring, and carpentry.


David Best Temples exists to construct temples, unaffiliated with any religion, free and open to the public. These installations are throughout the world, in various communities, and particularly in places affected by conflict and natural disaster. The guiding principle is to provide a place to pay respect and offer acceptance.

The Temple project is incredibly meaningful to me. I first became connected with the crew while living and working in Derry/Londonderry in Northern Ireland while I was living and working there. My work and studies focused on Peace and Conflict Resolution and through this project I was able to understand the very real and healing power of the arts.

The shared experience of building, living in, and then tearing down such a formidable and beautiful project brings individuals to a path of healing. The work and intention creates a community which allows that healing to find trust and foster roots.

All photos on this page unless otherwise stated are my own.

Please follow the video below to learn more from the artist:

Screen Shot 2021-01-19 at 11.10.48

Here I am photographed in front of "Temple" 2016 at Burning Man by David Washer for the Huffington Post:

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